Cycle 4, IUI #1

Well I haven’t updated in a while as things have been very busy. My 3rd timed intercourse cycle failed and we decided to move back to IUI. I started my cycle on June 5th as CD1 and now today, June 20th was CD16 and we did our IUI this morning! This month Dr. S started me on injections earlier than usual, CD5. So we did letrozole 7.5mg as usual on CD3-CD7. Then on CD5 we did a 75IU injection of the follistim, again on CD7 and CD8 and then on CD9 I went in for a US. On the night of CD9 and CD10 we did 100IU’s then. On CD11, this past Friday I went in and still hadn’t had a ton of growth so we did 3 more nights, CD11, 12 and 13 of 100IU. I went in on Monday, CD14 and we were told there were 3 eggs again this month. We had a 23mm, 22mm, and a 20mm. Monday night we did trigger shot around 7:45pm and BD as instructed.





This morning we went in and hubby had his appointment at 8am and mine was a little after 9am. We transferred 44 million swimmers. Now we just need one to find one of those eggs and make a home! We will see how it goes. I have this nagging weird feeling that it won’t work this cycle, but who knows. I just don’t feel like our journey is over yet. I wish I did but I am scared that I am going to be thrown for another loop. This August will be 5 years of battling infertility. I just want our fight to be over already. Here’s to hoping! Now I begin the dreaded 2WW! Oh how I wish we could find out sooner than 2 weeks. I have no patience, lol.



Baby dust to all!


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