CD14 Update

Well I am behind on my updates for this cycle but it has been a weird one. So I had my cycle start on the same day as my negative beta but since it was not full blown the doctor wanted to count CD1 as the following day which was April 5th. He changed my meds protocol this month and it has been annoying and weird.


I took my letrozole 7.5mg from CD3-CD7 and on CD7 did one injection of 75IU of the Follistim (fsh). I went in on CD9 for blood and US and was not looking forward to it as I know my body responds slow. CD9 was last Friday, April 13th (kinda ironic). I had two measurable follicles, one on each side. a 13mm and 14mm. I was told to do two more nights worth of 75IU and come back in on CD11, this past Sunday. I went in and of course was very frustrated as my follies had barely grown at all. However, the one on my right side has transformed and appeared to look like mickey mouse. I said “look, it’s Mickey Mouse!” and even the doctor said “well that is an interesting looking follicle. It kind of looks like a heart too”. That made me believe there could be more than one egg in there. I don’t know for sure. I wish there was a way to tell this for sure. I was told to do one injection of 50IU on Sunday night and to come back on Tuesday. I thought that was weird because they had mentioned ramping up my meds, and then they told me to dial back. I wonder if this is because they were unsure of mickey, lol.


Monday morning I called and scheduled my appointment for Tuesday and expressed my concern that there won’t be much change at all with a lower dose. I was getting frustrated at this point. They ended up calling me back late Monday afternoon and leaving me a voicemail saying to go ahead and do one more injection of 50IU on Monday night. Yesterday morning I went in to do another blood and US. Yesterday was CD13. I was surprised that I had 3 good size follies. They told me to go ahead and do one more injection last night of 75IU and come back today. This made 6 injections this cycle, where as last cycle I only needed 3 because we didn’t try to rush my slow bitch of a body.


This morning I went in and had more blood and another US. I just got a call a few hours ago from Chrissie, my nurse. I have a 21.2mm, a 19.9mm and a 18.4mm follie. Those are some ripe follies! I also have a 4th follie in there on the right side but it is not considered measureable so I am not sure of the exact size. It could release an egg but the egg may not be viable. We are good to go for trigger shot tonight! This is crazy, I have never had 3 eggs. I am kind of nervous. I guess it is nice to have 3 chances, but also I am not sure this will work since it is a TI cycle. I have this weird feeling my body is going to need another IUI. I have had this feeling the whole time but we wanted to start out with the TI cycles to try to get pregnant as close to “normal” people as possible lol. Who the hell am I trying to fool? Nothing about infertility meds is normal. I just want to get pregnant the old fashioned way, by actually having sex haha! I guess we will see what happens. So tonight is trigger shot and BD. Then Friday is BD again and Saturday I start my progesterone and the dreaded 2WW begins! Ah!


Another funny thing is, 2 years ago today was our first IUI 🙂




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