Here I am, back again!

Well, I am back. I am really hoping to stay this time and post again more frequently. It has been almost a year since my last post. To be honest, I could not bring myself to finish my last blog as that would entail information about my son’s NICU journey which I still have ptsd from. I am finally healing in some ways and I think I am ready to share his story, hopefully soon. But for now let me catch you up. Jax is now 15 months old and he is doing great. Being a full time working mom and trying to keep him alive and the household together came with many learning curves as all of us new moms know. Since I was so incredibly busy with mom life I was not able to make time for myself, therefore not able to make time for my blog. I feel like I am finally at the point where I can have some time to myself every now and then and get back into doing things I enjoy. I feel like it took us his whole first year of life to get to a point where things are not complete and utter chaos anymore, lol. We just bought a house in January so that has been exciting and terrifying all at once! We are still unpacking and painting and decorating which is fun.


Now down to the reason we are here. Infertility. We are battling secondary infertility now. We have just officially started back with our RE office in hopes of expanding our family of 3 to a family of 4. I never got on birth control after birth and we have not taken any precautions to not get pregnant and yet here we are again, not pregnant. My cycle came back a few times after birth and I thought maybe I was going to be “normal” and get a regular period. Pfffttt! In July I started taking Maca Root to help with fertility as I had heard a lot of great things of people taking it and becoming pregnant. I figured I would give it a shot. Well 3 weeks later I ended up in the ER with unknown abdominal pain. One of the nurses and I were talking and came to the conclusion it could be from the Maca. I googled it when I got home that day and read that a lot of people have what is considered almost an allergic reaction to it and it causes stomach issues. I stopped taking it and within 4 days my symptoms were gone never to return again. We have been “trying” again since July but technically it is very hard to try when yet again I was not ovulating and not getting a regular period. Then my body started acting weird once I was given provera to induce my cycles.


I induced a cycle that arrived on September 28th and last 7 days. October 13th I started a new cycle on my own ( 2 weeks later) that also lasted a week. 2 periods starting within 2 weeks of each other? This is new for me and my weird body. So I decided to see where it landed me. Well I ended up having a 60 some day cycle and induced another period that came on December 18th. That lasted until Christmas eve. Then, 2 weeks later on January 2nd I bled on my own again. Wtf? During this time, I had a consult back at my RE office and told him I wasn’t getting my cycle on my own and then getting it twice after inducing. I explained that my OB office told me they would not induce me anymore and since we were sort of (but sort of not) trying again I needed his help. I let Dr. S know that I wanted to try this as close to normal as possible and wanted to start with timed intercourse cycles instead of just jumping to IUI.


I had my RE office induce a cycle as I had not had one since January 2nd and I started our first TI (timed intercourse) cycle on March 1st as CD1. For some reason they gave me 7 days of provera to induce versus the 10 days my OB would give me. I don’t know why 7 days of pills threw my body off so bad but when my induced cycle started it was so painful that 800mg of ibuprofen or Tylenol were NOT helping. I had to get a script for Hydrocodone from my OB because my pain was so incredibly unbearable for the first 3 days of that cycle. We went for letrozole (femara) 7.5mg from CD3-CD7 and I went in on CD12 for an ultrasound. My biggest follicle was only measuring at 12 and he wanted to start me on follistim. I asked if we could wait a few more days since my body always responds slow as molasses. I went back in on CD15 for another U/S and my follicle HAD NOT GROWN ONE BIT! Ughh, sooo frustrating! They called me that afternoon and told me they wanted me to start the Follistim that night. I of course told them I was frustrated and we were trying desperately to avoid injections and did not have the money for them because we really don’t have an extra $200-$300 a month for injections. They called me back later and asked me to come to the office. I went down there on my lunch break and they gave me the Follistim sample they had in the office and reviewed how to administer the injections. What a blessing that was! I cried tears of joy!


We did the Follistim injections at 75IU for 3 nights from CD15-CD17. I went back in on CD18 (March 18th) and had another U/S. We were given the go ahead for trigger that night as my follicle had grown from 12 to 20 in those 3 days. Jax was conceived via a 20mm follie on my right ovary. This follie was a 20mm on my left side. We triggered that night (Sunday) and did our thing and were instructed to do so again on Tuesday morning. Now here we are. Today was my beta. I knew this cycle was a bust before I even went in this morning for beta and I did not take my progesterone and estrogen pills last night or this morning because of it. I was just ready to get this next cycle started. I have now started spotting already as of this afternoon likely because I missed two doses of the pills. So it looks like I will be going in for another U/S either Saturday or Sunday morning for my CD3. Waiting on a call back from Chrissie my nurse about that now.

Hope to have an update on here by Sunday! This has been nice to blog again and I have missed it so much. So helpful to get it all out.


And so we will begin again……..



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