Back in General Population

Wow, it sure has been quit a few weeks since I last wrote. Things have been busy getting ready for our gender reveal party on the 14th of this month. We made our facebook announcement on July 8th as I could not wait any longer. I have no patience. Everyone, or almost everyone was incredibly sweet, supportive and excited for us. One horrible, horrible “family member” (this is in quotes as he should be ashamed to call himself our family, as I am ashamed to say he is) had to go and ruin what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives that night by saying the most horrible thing imaginable, but I am incredibly thankful for all of the support and well wishes we received and are still receiving. We are trying to surround ourselves with positive people and positivity in general, as I am already worried about something happening. The less stress the better! Things have also been a little weird to me. I am not liking being back in the general population too much. Being treated like a normal pregnant woman is weird, haha! I was so used to the way my RE did things that once I switched back to my regular OB a few weeks ago I felt off. I felt like things weren’t going the way I wanted them, or had envisioned them and I did not like that. I guess after being treated so well and being cared for on such a regular basis with SGF I felt like my care was a little less than what I expected. Trust me, I love my OB’s office and I love her, she is great! I am just needing some time getting used to the fact that I am now considered a normal pregnant woman and will be treated as such. And to think, all these years while TTC and all I wanted was to be this normal pregnant lady and now here I am and I don’t like it, lol. I went in for my first appointment with my OB on July 18th (10 weeks 1 day) and I was not able to see her that day, rather I saw her Nurse Practitioner. I had all the fun exams done that day, saw the baby on their portable ultrasound machine, but was unable to get a printed picture or hear the heartbeat as their machine is nothing like the ones at the RE office that I have become accustomed to. This whole thing did not sit well with me at first. I was kind of shocked. Now I have since learned that this is normal, and that I will not get to see the baby at every single appointment. I never considered this before, as I have never needed to. I truly thought every time I would go to the doctor’s I would see baby, until the nurse told me that I may not see baby at my next visit on August 17th and may have to wait until my anatomy scan at 20 weeks! I said “So you are telling me I may not see my baby for another 10 weeks?” and the nurse said “yes that is a possibility”. Well me, miss impatient can’t chance waiting that long so I scheduled an elective ultrasound for a place that does them independently. I go tomorrow at 12w3d to see baby and I am sooo incredibly excited!

Yesterday I got the results for the genetic portion of our genetic/gender testing and baby tested negative for everything! Hallelujah! No genetic abnormalities found. I am one happy mommy right now to know my baby is healthy! I cried when I got off the phone yesterday with the doctor’s office. I cried tears of joy! I was so overwhelmed with happiness that this is actually happening for us. I am still in utter shock that I am pregnant, let alone that the baby is healthy. I am truly overwhelmed with joy. So much that I have such a fear of something going wrong. I can’t help it. Trust me, I am trying not to be negative, but when for almost 3 years of my life everything did not go my way, it is crazy to think that things are good and will continue to be good. Obviously, I sure hope they continue this way. I guess in a way it is crazy to see our dreams coming true. My symptoms have been mostly mild so far, with the worst one being exhaustion. Every now and then I will have a day where I feel crappy but nothing bad at all. I usually crave sweets, alfredo and watermelon, haha! Even the cravings haven’t been too crazy or out of control like I imagined pregnancy cravings would be. I truly have been blessed and our little nugget is being very nice to me as far as those symptoms! I honestly always said I wouldn’t care how many symptoms I had, I just wanted to experience being pregnant so badly that I would take anything and everything. I never thought my symptoms would be so mild, but I will take it. I recently read an article that pregnancy symptoms can be hereditary and that if your mom had a rough pregnancy, you are likely to have one as well. Luckily, my mom had a very easy pregnancy with me, no morning sickness whatsoever, no cravings, and only gained 19 pounds and I weighed 7.2. I am hoping I am just following in her footsteps. I have yet to gain any weight, but that may be because I am already a bit overweight from my PCOS and all the fertility meds.


So I have found all of the info I am learning about babies to be quite overwhelming so I decided to start a baby binder. Every bit of information I find when googling I copy and paste and then print it out and put it into my handy binder. This has been a life saver and I recommend all pregnant women do this, that way you have the info to look back on once baby is here. I have printed info on breastfeeding, formula feeding, pacifiers, bottles, mattresses, sleep sacks, bathing info, you name it, it’s there! I even have an insert to hold all baby coupons we have gotten from registries and such as well as printed out calendars with all baby appointments. I really like having everything all together and it has helped me to feel less overwhelmed with all of this information!


By the next time I post we should know the gender, crazy that we have already come this far. The party is set for August 14th and should be a lot of fun. We are so excited! I can’t wait to find out so I can shop for some more baby clothes and get our registry finished up! This poor baby, if it is a boy he has some questionable outfits already that he will be wearing lol. Not too many, just a few onesies that are more meant for a girl. I feel like our nugget is a girl, but who knows, I could be totally wrong! We will see, 12 days to go!


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