Heartbeat=The best sound in the WORLD!

Yesterday, June 28th was our follow up ultrasound. I was 7w2d and I was really nervous. I have been on pins and needles since last Tuesday’s appointment. I was worried to death that since we had yet to hear the heartbeat, that there was not going to be one. I know, be positive you say, have some faith you say. Trust me, I tried my best, but it is very hard. I have no problem admitting to you that I am a huge worry wart as it is. Being that I never imagined I would be here telling this story, thinking I would never get pregnant, it should be expected that I would be more on the worried side and be more cautious. I think so many years of infertility had made me feel like this is going to be ripped out from under me. I am not freaking out to the point of causing myself anxiety attacks, thankfully, but I have been very worried. I feel better now, much better. Yesterday, we heard the baby’s heartbeat!!! BEST SOUND IN THE WORLD! I cried right there listening to it, and it was only a very short period of time, but I will never forget the feelings I felt, never for the rest of my life. It was immense feelings of relief, love, happiness and shock. I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe it was possible, but it happened and I couldn’t have been any happier in that moment. This made it feel more real, eased my worries and took a huge weight off my shoulders. I feel like I can finally breathe! Baby was measuring on time as far as growth too and all else looked well. Everyone congratulated us and said we will “graduate” next week from SGF. I will then be going back to my regular OB-GYN.


Last week after my appointment the nurse L had told me that I was going to stop my progesterone suppositories at the 8th week. I wasn’t feeling  very good about that and I decided to call my nurse, E, last Friday and question that. I asked if I could continue the progesterone through my first trimester, in order to ease my mind since I had low progesterone levels in the past. They told me that would be fine and I could get it from SGF until week 10 and from my OB from week 10 til week 13. This was a huge relief too. Why would someone who has low progesterone previously even want to take the chance and come off it, when it doesn’t hurt anything to stay on it until you know you are more in the clear? I’m not going to be that person that just agrees with the doctor, I am going to go with my gut, and my gut said, “stay on it”. I saw Dr. John this week and he said he agreed with me staying on the progesterone as well and said that he likes what he is hearing from me. He likes the fact that I am not just taking my doctor’s word, and that “it’s my show, and you are showing them that”. He has always reminded me that it’s my show and that it is my body and not to just take any doctor’s word, not even his. He was happy I was standing up for myself.


Anyways, not much else going on over here. Just still getting used to the fact that this is actually happening. We are waiting to tell everyone for about 2 more weeks and then we will announce. I didn’t want to announce too early, but also I can’t hold out until I am 13 weeks either. We have started stocking up on diapers, I got a diaper bag, and we have gotten some outfits for the baby, as best as we can not knowing the gender. Now it’s time I start planning a gender reveal party. This should be fun. I need to enlist some help for this one probably. I won’t be holding out any stops with this baby, gender reveal party with photographer, baby shower, and I am honestly considering a birth photographer, given my love of capturing moments. I am in a few facebook photography groups and have seen some amazing images from births, and I think I want to have that captured for us and frozen in time. After all, this may be our only baby. Who knows if we will be blessed again, so I have to make this count in all ways possible. This baby is going to be so incredibly loved, and is already! Below is baby. Baby doesn’t have a nickname yet, but I am sure we will think of something soon! 🙂


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