IUI Success! I can’t believe this!

2 years, 9 months and 15 days

33 months

145 weeks

1,019 days

24,456 hours

That is how long our journey has been and how long it has taken us to get to this point. And still counting. Honestly, I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would be here. IUI # 2 WORKED!! YAY!! That is the amount of time between the date of my diagnosis of PCOS (8-19-13) and the date the doctor confirmed my pregnancy via beta blood test (6-3-16). I can say we are among the lucky ones. By that I mean that we did not have to go through countless IUI’s and ever even get to the point where we had to consider IVF. Thankfully, as it was not financially in the cards for us. However, this does not mean it was not hard. It has been the hardest, most life altering thing I have been through, we have been through. I believe everyone’s journey is different, and it does not really matter the time frame, it matters what happened in that time frame. What matters is how it affects you and your husband during that time. Everyone handles things different and is affected by things differently. This whole experience has not only changed me, it has changed mine and my husband’s relationship and relationships we have with others. It has shown us who will really stick by our sides and who we needed to let go. I have become very guarded because I have been trying to protect my heart in any way I can, as I needed to have that control since I had no control over the infertility stuff going on. The last thing I could endure is more heartbreak. Trust me, we are truly grateful for the people who have stayed, no matter what has happened. We also thank all of your for all of the continued prayers and support as it means a lot. We still need those prayers for the next 9 months!! I am so incredibly scared and paranoid that I will lose this baby. I can’t help myself. I guess when you want something for so long, something you never thought you would get, it makes you even more afraid to lose it. I am trying my hardest to push those feelings aside and get excited. I feel like everyone we have told so far has been more overjoyed than us. Don’t get me wrong, we are over the moon excited, but we are still very much CAUTIOUS. I’m happy everyone is so excited for us and I hope to get on everyone’s level very soon. I really think that once we have our first ultrasound and they assure me everything is ok then I will be able to breathe. I may very well be a nervous wreck the entire pregnancy but hopefully I will calm down soon.


Anyways, on with the story! So, for anyone who may have missed it, IUI take 2 was on Sunday, May 22. We had one follie measuring at 20mm and 54 million swimmers transferred. I was really feeling defeated and I tried not to let the TWW get me down. I just went through the time and tried not to think about it at all. I was not expecting for it to happen. On Tuesday, May 31 (9dpiui 11dpt) took test  in the bathroom at work and no lines were coming up. I figured I didn’t pee enough on it and I threw it in the trash and went about my day. Wednesday morning, June 1 I decided to pee on another stick and get it out of the way and told myself “it’s going to be negative anyway, let’s just get this over with”. To my surprise there was faint line!! See picture below.



I remained calm, got in the car and headed to work. I then bombarded my poor coworker when she walked in the door because at that point I was freaking out a little. I posted the picture to my infertility fbook group and asked the ladies for their opinions. Everyone seemed to agree it was positive. I left work and ran to Walgreen’s to get some First Response Early Result tests (FRER). I waited about 2 hours and peed and it was positive again.



I decided not to tell hubby yet because I had a gift I wanted to give him when I did tell him. At this point I wasn’t sure if it was real or if it was still the trigger shot. I called my nurse, E and she said I could come in on Friday, June 3 for my beta instead of waiting until Monday. 2 days?! I thought I would die waiting, haha. I asked her if she thought it could still be the trigger shot and she said no. Which really made me think it was really happening. I went home that night and did not tell hubby. I wanted to wait til the beta to know for a fact and then surprise him. I took several more tests that night and still saw lines. On Thursday morning (11dpiui 13 dpt) I stopped at Walmart before work, bought a 3 pack of FRER’s and a pack of 2 Clearblue digital tests. I went to work, held my bladder for 3 hours and decided I would take a digital. I told myself if it said “not pregnant” that I wouldn’t freak out as it could still be too early. Low and behold…….




After that result I debated with myself all day if I wanted to wait until the next night after beta confirmed or if I should tell him that night. I decided I was dying trying to keep it a secret from him and had to tell! I went home that night, pulled out the gift I had had in a box for him for the past 6 months or so. I gave it to him and recorded him opening it. He was in so much shock, just like me. We just sat on the floor and cried together for awhile. I told him my beta was the next day, so he was still being cautious. He kept saying he just wanted the doctor to confirm.


So here we are now. My first beta was 63, second beta was 233 and yesterday’s beta was 491. I am scheduled to go in again tomorrow morning for another beta. My nurse told me yesterday that they like to see the level reach 1,000 before they schedule the first ultrasound. She explained that since I found out so early, that is why I am having to have more betas done than some people. I am hoping by tomorrow we will hit over 1,000 and be good to get scheduled. I think they will schedule me for week 6. I believe I stay with SGF until week 10 and then I transfer back to my regular OB/GYN. We announced on our Updates group on facebook which has about 17 people following my blog, but have yet to announce to everyone yet. Trust me, I want to scream it to the world but I am not ready yet. I am pretty sure I will be announcing sooner than 12 weeks but just not sure when yet. I will say infertility did not teach me a lesson in patience. I am already dying to know if it’s a boy or girl, haha! Hubby says he knows it will be a girl as he is already surrounded by us, meaning me and our two cats, lol. I hope he’s right. I do want a girl desperately, but if it’s a boy I will love him just the same! I want to start buying things and I feel like I can’t buy stuff, especially clothes because I don’t know the gender. I just feel like I need to do something so I have been signing up for deals to get coupons for diapers and such. I think we will start stocking up on diapers soon.

This feels like it’s gonna be a long 9 months, but I am sure it will also fly by. As of now the due date is February 12th. That could change once we have the first ultrasound, but I’m sure it won’t change by more than a few days. So far I have only had some slight cramping on and off and I have been tired. The one thing that has been affecting me most is my severe acid reflux. I was taking omeprazole daily for it and it worked just fine most of the time, but unfortunately that is a category C medication so I stopped it immediately. The doctor gave me a script for Zantac, but my stomach has not adjusted to that yet. I am back to drinking my apple cider vinegar mixed with water and some lemon in the mornings, so hopefully soon it will settle down. Trust me, I will take pregnancy symptoms, that’s not a problem, but when you keep burping and having that acid feeling in your belly it’s not pleasant, lol. I don’t even consider this a pregnancy symptom as it was already a huge issue for me, I guess now it is just intensified by switching medications, rightfully so. I’m sure my body will adjust. Please keep us in your prayers that this pregnancy goes smoothly and we have a healthy baby.










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