IUI take 2!

Wow, it’s been over two weeks since I last posted. I am slacking. There has not been a lot to report so I figured I would save it all for this post. To update on a few things, I am currently off all of my herbal supplements from Dr. John. I believe they truly helped me get my levels straightened out but according to my liver enzymes, it seems that they are the reason my enzymes were so high. I stopped one by one since the end of February and miraculously did not have as many side effects as I thought I would. I actually just recently had my testosterone levels checked and they were at a 45! For those of you who don’t know, anything over 56 is high. This is the lowest my testosterone has been throughout all of this. It’s almost like a miracle. Anyway, I go to the doctor this Wednesday to follow up about the liver enzymes and have some more blood work. Just about 2 weeks ago I stopped another pill, and as of last week I stopped my last pill of supplements, except my probiotic which I do get from Dr. John. The last two supplements I stopped knocked out a whopping 12 pills a day!

Anyways, on to the IUI stuff. This cycle took me a little long to respond to the meds again. I am gonna chalk it up to my body is just a slow responder. We only had one follicle this time which was kind of disappointing since last time was two. I honestly believe it is because the follie was on the right side this time and my right ovary has many more follicles than my left one, leaving less room for a good follie to mature and grow. We got the follie up to 20mm and we triggered on Friday night at around 8:30pm. We went in this morning and did the IUI. Hubby’s appointment was for 8am and mine was for 9am. Hubby did good again, actually better than last time and we had 54 million transferred this time. That is 2 million more than last time. Please little swimmers, find the damn egg! I asked Dr. S if he had a talk with them and told them they need to find the egg. He said “they are men, they don’t stop to ask for directions!!” haha, true story! Someone better wise up and make a move! It made me feel better this time as Dr.S actually did the procedure himself this time, whereas last time it was a woman who was in training performing it while he instructed. We are home relaxing now and knock on wood, but I have yet to have any cramping or bloating like last time. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign. Now we start the dreaded 2WW!

I am trying to not get my hopes up for this cycle. We have decided if this cycles fails, we will be taking the month of June off as we are planning a trip to upstate New York to see some more gorgeous waterfalls. I think last cycle really wrecked me because it was the first and I let my expectations get too high. Now that I know just because you have eggs and millions of swimmers, does not mean that it’s gonna work. I guess I worry because the doctor prefers to only do three IUI’s, so we have this chance and one more. The success rates really drop after the third failed one. The only difference with this cycle so far is I am having a lot of CM since yesterday morning. When we got home this morning I also took an OPK and it gave me a smiley that ovulation is going to happen, or could be at this time. I am just hoping everything will align. I read an interesting article on Friday night about how the best time to do an IUI is 42 hours after trigger shot. I was under the impression that 36 hours was the best time. We did ours about 37 hours before IUI as it was too late to try the 42 hour theory. If this does not work our next one we will try to plan our trigger time better. The article explained how the sperm can only travel through the uterus and into the fallopian tubes and this process can be between 4 to 6 hours once the IUI is performed, although it can live in cervical mucus for several days. Since they are bypassing the CM we technically only have a 4 to 6 hour chance for those swimmers to get to the egg, and keep in mind the egg needs to have already released by then too. There are so many things that need to line up, it’s insane. Here is a link to the article for anyone interested, or going through this. Very interesting information. It also explains why a lot of IUI’s are unsuccessful because of these factors. Pictures below of us this morning. Jimmy was acting silly checking for boogers while I was tryna take a picture lol.


I also have to share with you my new favorite image. For those of you who do not know me, I am also a photographer. I just started the whole process of opening my business and self teaching last year so I am not full time with it so I have had nothing forcing me to capture images. This whole journey has kind of put me in a funk and I have not been photographing much lately. Well, Friday night I captured the below image of hubby as he was getting ready to give me my trigger shot. This is my new favorite image and this image touches me and truly speaks to my heart. This image has so many emotions rolled into it for me. I see love, trust, patience, acceptance, focus, caring, giving and it reminds me of strength. This is our life, whether we want it or not, this is our reality. I am truly thankful that my husband is here for me in this way and I love him so much for doing my shots. I don’t think I could do them myself and prefer not to try it either, haha. To think this trigger shot could be the one that released the egg that finally makes a home is amazing. Even if this cycle fails, this image will still touch me. I will not let it remind me of the failed cycle, but rather the wonderful husband I do have. The one who will do what he can to take care of me. This is the reason I love photography, these moments that stop me and leave me breathless. So, thank you to hubby and the trigger shot for pulling me out of my photography funk and reminding me why I am pursuing my dreams.


Jimmy trigger edit



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