IUI take 1 Done…..now we wait

So let me take a quick visit back to Saturday night. We were told we could do the HCG shot (trigger shot) on Saturday anytime between 6pm and midnight. I have read that 36 hours from trigger shot to IUI is a good period of time so we decided we would do the trigger at 9pm. I was so very nervous as it was a new and unfamiliar shot and I had heard from ladies that it hurts, and sometimes it hurts for days. I did ice the injection site and hubby and I watched the video tutorial before hand just since it was a new shot. We did the trigger and since it was iced it was painless. Actually it hasn’t bothered me at the injection site at all, win. It did make me feel a little funny though. I felt almost high but not in a bad way. I guess it was more in a way as you feel when you first become pregnant as the trigger shot is the pregnancy hormone, HCG. Since I got such a big dose of it so quickly I assume that’s why I felt funny. As per doctor’s orders we BD’d on Saturday night after trigger shot. Yesterday morning I was having nausea and a headache so I took to google to see if it was from the trigger shot and of course they are side effects. That went away yesterday afternoon and I have been fine since. I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning to see that the trigger shot was working and I got a faint line. I must admit I felt a little sad that it takes injecting a synthetic hormone into my body to see my first positive pregnancy test. That had me a little down yesterday morning but I just put it in the back of my mind so I wouldn’t get too upset. Then yesterday evening when hubby and I got home I took a digital OPK and got my smiley, therefore showing me that the trigger shot had worked and triggered my eggs to release! Yay!



I woke up at 5:30 this morning and could not fall back asleep. I was anxious and thoughts were flying through my head. Thoughts about everything and anything. I was just ready to get on with the day and get this done with. We went in for hubby’s appointment at 8:30 and then we just sat around the office for the next hour waiting for my appointment. We had our books, so we read some. Today makes $120 spent since last Monday just on copays. I am thankful my insurance is covering the actual procedure though. I also ran into a girl from my support group in the waiting room. Her and her hubby were there so it was nice to see a friendly face and we all sat around talking until they called me back. When it was my turn, the nurse came and got us and took us back into the room. She said that the doctor would be in soon and we would go over the numbers from the semen analysis. She said the numbers were good and called my hubby an “overachiever”! That made him immediately happy. Hello, ego boost! When the doctor and his new resident came in and we went over the numbers he explained that he requires anything over 5 million sperm in order to move ahead with an IUI. Well we were lucky, as hubby had a whopping 52 million little swimmers in there!  52 MILLION!! It’s insane how many swimmers can be in one sample. It blows my mind. All of this medical stuff blows my mind and I sure have learned a lot. And keep in mind, they wash and spin the sperm and do away with the weak ones and only use the strong ones. Anyway, the procedure was almost just like having a pap smear. Simple, a little uncomfortable but not painful at all. It took about 5 minutes and then they were done. I had to lay there with my knees bent for about 10 minutes or so. The picture above shows you how the procedure is done. The nurse came back in, gave me a script for my progesterone suppositories and sent us on our way. Let me tell you how excited I am about those! NOT!! I wish they would just let me take the damn pill, haha. We were instructed to BD tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow I start the progesterone. I did also get the all clear from the doctor that I can go in Saturday and get a cavity filling done as well so that made me happy! So now we wait. Story of my life lol. I can already see this is probably going to be the hardest 2WW ever! We were told to come back in 2 weeks for blood work to confirm whether it was a success or not. Yes I can still use regular pee sticks but they rather you go by the blood work just because of HCG shot. I must admit I am excited. I am trying not to get too excited because I obviously need to be prepared in case this cycle fails but I kinda can’t help but to be excited with hubby’s numbers so high. If we can’t get one, out of 52 million to take I think I will be pretty disheartened. Hopefully since they were given a little guidance we will be ok.

About an hour ago while we were at the pharmacy waiting for my scripts to be filled I started having abdominal pain. This is similar to the pain I had when I had my HSG done, but not nearly as bad. I feel like I have a bunch of air in my abdomen. I am painfully bloated. Thank goodness it is not like the HSG was as that had me laid up for 2 days almost. To be honest I think it has to do with the catheter. My body doesn’t seem to respond well any time the catheter is used. Hopefully I will feel better by the morning as I have to go back to work tomorrow. I am home now just relaxing and typing this blog. i don’t plan to do much else today except take it easy. Given that April is Infertility Awareness Month I feel like there was no better time than to do this IUI. Hopefully that’s a lucky sign. I even wore my grandmother’s necklace today for good luck. Any prayers and baby dust are appreciated as always! Again, please don’t forget to spread some awareness for infertility! If you know someone who is going through this struggle, the best thing to do is be there for them. Be present. Sometimes you really don’t have to say anything at all. Sometimes we just need someone to listen and hear us and be on our side.





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