IUI take 1, here we come!!!

This morning was my follow up ultrasound and blood work. We still have the 2 follicles on the left side and they are officially ready to release some eggies!! I have one measuring at 18mm and another measuring at 20mm. This means they are at their maturity level. Dr. S had wanted them between 18 and 22mm so we are right on! My uterine lining is at 11.9mm which is right on track for a little embryo to implant. Dr. S said we are ready to go for Monday, unless my blood work would show that I was ovulating today, then we would have to do IUI tomorrow. I just heard back from one of the nurses and she called with my blood work results and said we are good to go for Monday and that we are to inject the Ovidrel (trigger shot) tonight between 6pm and midnight and to BD as well. The shot triggers the release of the eggs from the follicles. Hubby’s collection appointment is scheduled for 8:30am and my IUI is scheduled for 9:30am! I was so excited this morning that I cried! I felt like we were never gonna get to this point and I’m so happy to know that my body will cooperate. It cooperates slowly, but at least we know now. I obviously require the highest dose of letrozole and 5 days of stims (stimulation, FSH shots). This is good info to have in case this IUI fails and we have to do another one. I am very excited that we have reached this point, and I am a little nervous about the actual IUI so hopefully it goes well. There are some risks involved, but for the most part those risks are low and few and far between. I am most excited that both follies should release eggs, as this ups the chances of the little swimmers reaching one of them and hopefully getting pregnant. And like I said, at this point, if both eggs take, we would be happy with twins! One pregnancy and done would be perfect for me. I don’t want to get too excited because who knows if it will work or not, but I am glad we have the chance to find out. The ultrasound below is a little hard to see because they are on my left ovary and that is the one ovary that is always hard to find much less photograph, haha! But those are my little eggies in there so they are worth the look!!


I must say I am glad that we are done with the shots after tonight. Last night when hubby gave me my shot he hesitated, and inserted the needle slowly. It was the most painful shot ever. I had not had any problems with them causing any pain until last night. So food for thought to any TTC ladies, make sure hubby pokes you like he is using a dart and doesn’t slowly insert. After the shot I was still having some pain for several hours and I had a bunch of little twinges shooting through my abdomen, mainly on my left side. I had not had that happen with the shots before, but apparently it was a good thing since those follies grew. I am very nervous for tonight’s shot because I have heard from several other ladies that the trigger shot hurts, and it can hurt for several days afterwards. I was advised to ice the injection site before hand. Just extra nervous since this is a new shot for me.

Now I just hope that the rest of my body cooperates and everything is in line. I go back in on Wednesday to get my liver enzymes checked again. I am hoping those are normal now, as they have come down significantly since February. We will see. I have been seeing a nutritionist who is aware of my PCOS and I have been eating better and more mindfully. Sometimes I still say “screw it, I’m gonna have some ice cream”, or something else I shouldn’t have but for the most part I have been doing pretty well. I have lost 5 pounds. I know that is not much for most people, but the nutritionist only wants me to lose a pound a week. I am pleased about it as it has always been hard for me to lose weight since I was diagnosed. Maybe even since a few years before diagnosis, which is when I believe all of my hormonal issues started. When I saw her the other day she was pleased. She had a college student sitting in with her to meet her requirements before graduating and they both commended me on sticking with my healthier eating, especially with everything I have going on with the infertility and such and as busy as we have been. It made me feel good that someone was recognizing it. Anyways, any prayers and baby dust anyone can send me is greatly appreciated. I hope we can make a baby on Monday! I will update then as to how it all goes.

Please don’t forget that April is Infertility Awareness Month!! Spread some awareness any way you can! There is still such a stigma around infertility and so many people suffer alone and in silence. I even personally feel it at times. We should not have to feel ashamed to talk about something that is a natural process of life, procreation. Especially when it is such a life changing, relationship testing, all around lonely thing to go through. Everyone needs a support system at some point in their life. It’s not an easy journey and any help and awareness is always appreciated!







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