CD12, On our Way

So this morning I went in for my CD12 ultrasound and blood work. They usually start with the right ovary and it wasn’t looking good. I was beginning to have a minor silent freak out because my almost 14mm follie that we saw on Monday was no longer there. I was worried they were going to cancel this cycle and it was going to be a huge bust. Then when they got over to the always stubborn left ovary, I was shocked because there was not one, but 2 follies that were of measuring size. We have a 14mm and a 15mm. Doctor S said, “we are gonna get you to ovulate this cycle” and I said “Thank God!”. I was happy to hear this good news. I am a little irritated that my body is working so slowly but at least it is headed in the right direction. He said we will be able to get both follicles to release an egg! This makes me happy as it increases our chances of one of those little eggs meeting the little swimmers. I guess technically if two eggs drop we could have a chance of both fertilizing too? I assume that would mean there’s a chance at twins. BRING IT ON!! At this point we would be over the moon excited to be blessed with twins. I know, I know, I’m getting ahead of myself haha. I am just amazed that the one follicle I thought was going to be the one has now faded off and two follicles have appeared. I never knew that could happen. Anyone out there in infertility land that has had this happen? Is this normal? Maybe it is. I’ll take it.

So since my body is a slow poke we will obviously not be able to do our IUI this Saturday as I had hoped. I have a follow up ultrasound again on Saturday morning and I assume if all goes well then we will schedule IUI for Monday but I’m definitely not counting on it. At this point I know everything is up in the air. I am to do another FSH shot tonight and one again tomorrow. Another $236 went to the pharmacy today for a refill on my shots. Thanks again to a very helpful angel. I have a dosage of what they call “overfill” left in my gonal f pen. The nurse said it should be about 50iu left. I am to take that tonight. She said she will check with the doc to see if he wants to up tomorrow night’s dose to compensate for tonight’s lower dose. I am still waiting to hear back from my nurse E. Given the fact that follies usually grow 2-3mm per day I would think that by Saturday I should be ready to do my trigger shot and IUI Monday. I really hope that is the case and we can make it happen that way. I was hoping to do IUI Saturday so I wouldn’t have to take a vacation day but now that is not possible to avoid, oh well. My body seems to like to give me a hard time and keep me guessing. So any prayers and baby dust you all can send would be greatly appreciated. I hope to get the go ahead on Saturday.


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