So Much for that HSG

So remember how I had planned that my cycle should start around september 2nd and that I would then get my HSG test done on Friday Sept 11th (cd 10) , well I’m here to tell you that things never go the way you plan them! Ya know, just in case you haven’t noticed that yet, lol. I must say I am very disappointed because literally every single other time I have taken provera my cycle starts 10 days after my last pill. My last pill was on Sunday and my cycle started on Thursday! That’s only 4 days, ugghhh! Now with my cycle starting early, my day 10 will fall on Sunday Sept 6th and being that Monday the 7th is Labor day my doctor’s office will be closed, therefore I cannot get my test done. They will do it on day 9 or 11 if need be, but will not do any later than that. I feel like god is trying to tell me something, this is not the month to have the HSG test done. As much as I am disappointed to have to put it off yet again, I am also praying we just get pregnant with the clomid this month. But isn’t that what I have been praying for for the last 2 years?!? I guess we will see what happens. Hopefully if we are unsuccessful yet again, then next month I can get the dreaded HSG done. I finally got myself ready for it mentally and now I cannot do it, ces la vie! I am really annoyed with Aunt Flo, as she not only came early but she came while I am on VACATION! Not just vacation AF but right now she’s at her most painful while we are driving from Alabama back home to Pennsylvania, yay for about 20 hours in a car with this bizznatch! Let me tell you I am not too happy that after waiting over 2 months she made her appearance at the worst possible time and screwed up not just my test but also my vacay, leave it to her!

Anyways, enough about her, our vacay went pretty well up until the biotch showed up! We went to Alabama and then over to Florida for 3 nights then back over to bama. It was a very much needed 9 day getaway, but I will be glad to get home to my fur babies. Here are a few pictures from our getaway.

LrMobile2408-2015-102013925372032554 LrMobile2408-2015-102314287630786257 LrMobile2408-2015-104014005219320370 LrMobile2508-2015-05454744451289202 LrMobile2508-2015-081813502373125753 LrMobile2508-2015-082413628658404072 (1) LrMobile2708-2015-091314133028066185

I started my clomid today on cd 3, so bring on the crazy! I have already apologized to hubby for any upcoming emotional train wrecks, ha ha.


Baby dust to all!


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