Bad Genes

Well I guess this is it. This is the time that I need to face the facts whether I like it or not. I have to go back on the Metformin (for my sugar levels). Last week I harassed (it felt like it) Dr. John’s office with a slew of phone calls, emails and questions. I wanted to know if I could stop taking the progesterone, as I still had no cycle and felt like the progesterone was what was causing it not to come. I asked Dr. John and he said to continue with the progesterone, I obliged and continued with it. Then I asked him if he could order me some blood work so we could be proactive about this because, quite honestly, my patience has worn very thin. He said that would be fine and I picked up my orders and had the blood work done on Friday.

On Monday I again emailed Dr. John with my concerns about continuing the use of the progesterone cream and explained to him that I did not want him to think I was doubting him, but I did in fact think that we were being “overly successful” with the progesterone, as we had been with the estrogen. I also asked him in the email if he could please just take a look at the blood work levels and let me know if I could discontinue it or not for sure. Tuesday morning, I received an email back from him stating that I in fact can stop the progesterone, and that I was right it could be causing my cycle not to start. What he said next, I did not expect (I should have but didn’t want to I guess). He said that he also thinks my sugar levels are a factor in it as well and that the blood work showed that the Gymnema and the Silymarin combined are still not regulating my sugars enough. He said he wants me to start back on the Metformin. I hated being on the Metformin before because it always made me feel light headed if I didn’t eat my meals close enough together, and it constantly gave me headaches from feeling lightheaded. I am so incredibly disappointed that I have to start this med again. I should have known it was inevitable, as several people in my family are pre-diabetic and diabetic. I guess I just thought maybe I could slip under the radar. Of course not! We are obviously not in the business of easy, by no means! Thank you bad genes, you’re a pleasure! And I love desserts and bread!

Anyways, Dr. John explained that I should continue the Gymnema and the Silymarin as well as start on the Metformin again. I just picked up both of these meds on Monday night from his office so I am stocked for a bit. Not sure if I will continue those once I am out or not, as they are pricey meds. The ONLY plus to the Metformin is my insurance covers most of that cost so it is more affordable than the natural meds. I would prefer the natural meds so much more, but of course just my luck they aren’t doing the trick. Dr. John called me last night after office hours to just go over some stuff regarding the progesterone and Metformin. He told me to take 1000mg of the Metformin, when I was previously taking 1500mg. I hope that the 500mg less per day makes a world of difference for me and eases the problems with the headaches and feeling sick in between meals. Maybe the combination of the Metformin along with the Gymnema and Silymarin will turn out to be the trifecta. Maybe once the Metformin gets back in my system I will finally get regulated. Maybe then we will finally be able to conceive. I am trying to be positive here, is it working? Dr. John also said that once I do get my cycle to use the progesterone cream now only from days 13 through 26 of my cycle, unless we get a BFP! In that case I would probably need to continue with the progesterone for awhile, so as to prevent a miscarriage.

Tonight I will go pick up the Metformin from the pharmacy and start back on it. I discontinued the use of the progesterone cream as of this morning. Now here I sit, hoping I get my cycle before we go on vacation in 2 weeks (and be done)! Come on Aunt Flo! I am so sick of living my life waiting around for that bizznatch, ha ha!


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